Day 144

This weekend has been an interesting couple days of eating.  Friday night I introduced dairy and had the gluten free chicken veggie pizza, Saturday I introduced beans in chili and today I did gluten free pasta.  I have been realy busy and didn’t get in all my veggies which is bad but sometime weekends are…Read more »

Day 142 and 143

Introduced dairy Friday night. No issues  Introduced beans last night. No issues  So far so good…. Wore a new pair of jeans last night and they must have really showed off the new me. I had a lot of comments on how much I have lost. It feels so good to feel good.  Keeping it…Read more »

Day 141 Day of good news

Bacon and eggs for breakfast, salad with olives, sunflower seeds and newmans own dressing for lunch, banana for mid day snack, three mini sliders, sweet potato and peas for dinner and watermelon for dessert  Down a few ounces today Great news on my dogs issue. Nothing could be detected and she is doing great!  Sorry…Read more »

Day 140  A happy doctor

Srarted my day with a hard boiled egg and a sausage patty.  Morning snack was a banana  Lunch I had a can of tuna with a tsp of mayo and some carrots   Afternoon snack was 1/4 cup almonds.  I had doctors appointment tonight and she said I am doing well on my first days…Read more »