Day 144

This weekend has been an interesting couple days of eating. 

Friday night I introduced dairy and had the gluten free chicken veggie pizza, Saturday I introduced beans in chili and today I did gluten free pasta.  I have been realy busy and didn’t get in all my veggies which is bad but sometime weekends are hard being on the go and doing things around the house. With all the things I introduced I have had no symptoms or gain so I am doing good so far. 

I hit goal two days in a row of 9000 steps on my fitbit. 

Today I had to go to Walmart for groceries for the week since all I got yesterday was our stuff for Halloween. I picked up some sweatpants and tshirts. The pants are a 1x. Still can’t believe it. I pulled the 4x-5x sweats out of storage to move to the get rid of piles.  I can’t remember the last time I wore a 1x. Still doesn’t feel real to me. 

I still have a ways to go but all I can say is wow at this point. I am finally starting to see it in the mirror when I look at myself. I think my brain is finally catching up to what all of you have seen along the way. 

Have a great week, I am off to color and take my mind off everything for a great nights sleep. 


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