Day 140  A happy doctor

Srarted my day with a hard boiled egg and a sausage patty. 

Morning snack was a banana 

Lunch I had a can of tuna with a tsp of mayo and some carrots  

Afternoon snack was 1/4 cup almonds. 

I had doctors appointment tonight and she said I am doing well on my first days of phase two however she thinks I need a few more days eating the way I have the last four before introducing another food group. She said she didn’t think I felt comfortable yet with this and she is correct. I got some clearer instructions that I was confused on. She said my body is reacting just like it should be and showing no signs of issues right now. She gave me the go ahead to introduce what food groups I want when I am ready. I just need to journal everything and monitor everything to see what those foods do to me. 

I have been moved out to seeing her every three weeks now. 

Tonight for dinner I had a cube steak, baked potatoe and a salad with olives, sunflower seeds and tomato and real salad dressing. I have been upgraded from my vinegar dressing to newmans own vinegar and oil. You have no idea how good that salad tasted. She said I need to concentrate on getting my protein, veggies and healthy fats in daily.  I don’t have to eat all the fruit if I don’t want three a day but the others are a must. 

Sasha is doing so much better today, leg back to normal size, she is eating, some of her tests came back all negative and she is playing again. Will talk to doc tomorrow about remainder of tests but maybe the dog stress is over. 

Doctor said I am definitely not the same person I was 140 days ago. New appearance, new outlook on my health. 

Feeling good and so glad I started this journey. 


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