Day 139  Day 3 of phase two

Went back on my Cpap machine last night since I was so tired yesterday. I am probably ok without it but needed to sleep well after the long day at the hospital yesterday. I still woke up very tired. This week is another body adjustment being in new phase. The rain wasn’t helping me want to get out of bed.

The scale was up this morning but I am told to expect maybe 4-5 pound gain this week as my metabolism resets to higher calorie intake. 

I had sausage and eggs and cantaloupe for breakfast. Mid morning snack I had a banana

Lunch time I had four ounces of chicken and a salad with olives. Oh how I have missed olives. 

Afternoon snack I had a pear and for dinner I had steak, sweet potatoe and greenbeans. 

Pretty happy that when I got home Sasha’s leg has reduced in swelling and is almost back to normal after just the shot of predisone. I hope we are mending but still don’t understand what the cause. She ate pretty well tonight back on her old food. This is third round of it. Wouldn’t surprise me after all I have been thru with food issues that all of this with her isn’t food related.  

I go back to doctor tomorrow night and hopefully she says I can have beans. I am craving chili!! 

I feel hungry this last two days but again my body is adjusting to new phase. 

The photo below on the left popped up on my time hop today. I was shocked when I did a side by side. You can really see how puffy I was. That photo is from two years ago. 


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