Day 136 Final Day of Phase One 

I did it!  The final day of phase one. Tomorrow I begin my next leg of my journey. Today was a normal eating day minus my drops. It wasn’t hard without the drops but it was hard finding food to eat because I was at the apple butter fest all day  

I started the day off with a piece of sausage and a fried egg before I left. For lunch I had a steak kabob.  Around 2:00 I ate an apple that I brought with me. I was ok until about 4 and started feeling weird. I had to drive home and needed something so I had my first cheat. I didn’t have many choices so I ate a pretzel. It was probably better than nothing as I didn’t want to have issues driving home. 

I am ending my phase one at 76.4 pounds and 35.5 inches lost. I wanted to be closer to 220 at the end but it didn’t happen. Unless it happens over night. Scale is 226.8. I am currently wearing size 18 down from 26/28

I am praying for no pain or fatigue in this next phase and that I will continue to lose and reach at least 200, if not my goal of 180. I am very pleased and proud of how far I have come in a short time. I hope to see it when I look in the mirror soon. I see it in photos but not in mirror. My brain just hasn’t caught up. Everyone says I look great and I am skinny. Just weird to hear these words. I thank you all and hope for your continued support in this next phase. I will need more support as this will be difficult seeing what my body can tolerate and can’t. I am starting the next five days by adding healthy fats, starchy veggies and moving to three meals a day and three fruits a day. Any fruit I want. It is going to be a lot of food to get in since I haven’t eaten much the last four months. I feel positive I can succeed. My body just needs to cooperate. 

I have learned a lot about my body in the last four months and what our food choices do to your body. I hope what I have learned will be instilled in my brain forever and I continue to make the right choices. I will be 50 in a year and a half but I feel so much younger because of this. My knees no longer hurt, I have more energy, I sleep better and my appearance looks younger. 

Someone said my side by side face shot looks like I am the younger sister of myself.  No more puffy inflammation, my eyes are brighter, you can see the happiness in my face. 



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