Day 133 count down begins 

well based on the view of my Bottle of drops it looks like I have about a day left of them. Then I go one day without drops and eat exactly as I have been. Then I go to next level and reintroduce the first group. Healthy fats and any fruit I want. I can also have starchy veggies. I will get three fruits a day and back to 3 meals a day  I have four more pounds to drop to reach my 80 pound goal. 

I wore one of my new outfits today and got tons of comments. When I got home I purged more 3x-4x shirts I have been hanging on to. They were big but I could still get by with them up until this week. Time to go! 

My nerves and stress are getting more relaxed. I just hope it stays that way because the next step is going to be scary. 

Still dealing with the mystery illness on my dog but the other one is all cleared up. 

I haven’t been blogging my food because to be honest I am just bored with my food options at this point. Haven’t cheated just bored. 


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