Day 126 and 127

i took a break for a few days from blogging. Stressful week with the pups and caring for them. Havent tracked much in the last two days. Stress is causing hashimotos to flair up and cause some pain and some other issues. Scale went up four pounds then down two today. This weeks ending weight is a critical time in the protocol as I move on probably Monday when my drops are done.  Whatever weight I end at and the way my body feels with be the reset point of my metabolism. At this point I am concerned I am not going to drop any lower because of the symptoms reappearing but I guess we will see. Life needs to calm down and my dogs need to get well. I am trying to chill and spend some quiet time alone to help reset my mind and hope for the best in the transition. I just don’t want this pain to stay with me in the transition. I haven’t missed it in the last four months  

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