Day 124 Awesome Day!

75 pounds your outta here!!! 
Totally on cloud nine after stepping on the scale today. 

Headed off to work. Had an apple for breakfast and got started on my busy day. 

Lunch I had left over taco salad which was kinda wilted but I ate it anyway. 

Tonight after work was my doctor visit. She was totally happy with my numbers. We discussed the plan of moving on this week when my bottle of drops is done. We will not be moving 100 percent forward. We are going to break up the reintroduction of foods into weeks. This phase is the metobolic reset. What ever weight I start this at is going to be my reset number. I will still lose weight but at a slower pace. I have to monitor everything to make sure it isn’t causing symptoms I had before. If it does I know my body is intolerant to it. I showed her my photo with both legs in one pants leg. She asked me if she could feature me and my journey in their next newsletter. Kind of exciting. Of course I said yes. She had me send her some photos and she said she may include my blog address in the article. She said other things like my ph levels and alkaline levels are changing also which is good. She said I am starting to get the hour glass look. 

Came home and we had brats and grilled zucchini and onions. 

Tomorrow I will be a little stressed as I have to drop of Sasha at the vet in the morning to be sedated for X-rays on her legs and hips trying to figure out what’s going on with her. She just isn’t herself. Makes me sad. Praying all ok. 

Today was awesome!! I got this!! I am winning this battle with hashimotos naturally and will continue to do so!









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