Day 123  72.4 pounds lost 

You have no idea how exciting this morning was for me when I stepped on the scale and saw that number. 230.8! That is a loss of 72.4 pounds in 123 days. I am about to enter the 220’s! 

I had a protein bar and coffee for breakfast. Woke up to headache from sinuses. I tried sleeping without my Cpap last night but got up at 2:30 to put in on. I just wasn’t sleeping without it. Still couldn’t sleep much and was up by 7:30. 

We went to the range today after a dry spell of about 8 months. It was fun and I still shot good after long break. I remembered today that the last time we shot I was experiencing a lot of pain in my hand and thumb. Inflammation from carpal tunnel is what I thought at the time. Today I realized that it has been along time since I had pain in hand and had to wear my brace. Amazing how much pain and inflammation I had everywhere before this. 

It was fun to see the people at the range in person. They have seen me in facebook but not in person. The reaction I get is amazing 

We then went to 54 street for late lunch early dinner. I had a taco salad minus the cheese. I had the chips because they serve gluten free chips. 

Came home to do laundry and now I am chilling eating an apple. 

Have a great week!! I know I am going to try to. Go back to doctor tomorrow after work to see if I will be moving on to next phase. 


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