Day 121 and 122

Been busy couple days again so your getting two days in one again. 

Yesterday was busy getting ready for subdivision sale and purging all of my 26/28 clothes and taking my car to be serviced. 

Craig followed me to dealership and then we went to breakfast at ihop. I had turkey bacon (which tasted like shoe leather) and two fried eggs 

We then came home and got busy on garage sale stuff.  

Didn’t eat lunch, and then went out for late dinner after picking up my car which was a grilled chicken salad. 

Today was my sisters 11th anniversary and she posted wedding photos. I found my dress and tried it on for fun. 

Headed to bed early as we had to get up at six for sale. 

Today neither of us could sleep so we were up way before five so we had coffee and headed outside to set up. 

I ate a protein bar around 9:00 and drank lots of coffee to stay warm. We had an awesome day selling and I got rid of a lot of clothes.  Time to shop for more clothes that fit.  My new addiction 

We had a snack and took a nap. Again I couldn’t sleep so I got up and messed around the house for awhile. I think my Cpap is causing me issues because my headgear is so big. I may try to sleep without my machine tonight to see how I feel in the morning. Would love to stop using this and it shouldn’t be a problem with the weight I have lost. 

Headed to Texas Roadhouse and had a 6 ounce steak, grilled veggies and a salad.

After, we went to Ross dress for less and both got a few things. Craig too has lost weight and sold some clothes.

I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas. I am 69.8 pounds and 70 pounds is beating down my door. I can’t believe “I have lost 70 pounds is about to come out of my mouth”.  122 days again I would have and did say your crazy it won’t happen. Made a liar out of me but so glad I have been committed and dedicated to this. Putting on these size 18 jeans feels amazing!! 

Oh and I did over 12000 steps on fitbit today. 

Until tomorrow have a great night. Love you all 


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