Day 120. Down 67.6 pounds 

Scale moved again today. Yeah! 

I had a salad for lunch and an apple for breakfast. 

Hopefully my stress is over. Took dog to vet tonight and he couldn’t find anything wrong with her. Must have just strained herself or something. Just need to watch her. 

After dinner we went to get Craig some pipe tobacco and then to ruby Tuesday for dinner. I had a burger no bun, green beans and a salad 

We then came home and got more stuff together for subdivision sale this weekend. I have so many clothes to get rid of. I have mixed feelings on this and it’s harder than you would think to part with them. I still don’t see myself the way you guys see me and I keep putting theses clothes on only for Craig to say not going to work! Too big. 

Hoping to continue to lose until Monday when I go back to doctor. we decide Monday if I move on to next phase. 

Wanted to be down 80 pounds before I move on but stall hurt that wish. I am ready to move on I think. I am getting bored with food options. 


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