Day 116

No scale movement since Sept 20th. Feeling frustrated so I called doctor. She says no worries stay on course and when I come in next week we will discuss me moving on to next phase. Said body may just be done with this phase and is ready for more. This excites me and scares me at the same time 

We had a birthday party today so I grabbed a quick lunch before we left of left over taco salad fixings. 

When we left we stopped at holtie a and I got a salad and chicken wings for dinner.

Came home and vaccuumed and did laundry since we were gone all weekend.

Was feeling down about scale so I decided to try on pants I had when I started. Just for fun I took a photo with both legs in one leg. Hard to believe I wore these to work last year. 

I am not giving up by any means just worried I am stuck and scared to move on. I don’t ever want to go back where I was. 

Craig let me drive our new van home tonight provided I took 61/67. I wasn’t allowed on highway first time. I passed the test and was given highway clearance next time. Lol 


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