Day 114 and 115

Wow what a busy great weekend it has been so far!  We had a wedding reception last night. I got to wear a new outfit. Somewhat out of my comfort zone but ended up loving it. Saw a lot of people that follow me that have only seen me in photos. The compliments felt great. The food they served I wasn’t allowed to eat so we stopped on the way home to get me something 

Got up really early today and headed out for date day with my hubby. We went to the best of Missouri fair at botanical garden then went thru the garden taking pictures and being goofy. Love my days with hubby. Wish I could spend more with him during the week. We have a lot of fun together 

We then went to a diner called city park grill for lunch. I had a salad, peppers and onions, sauerkraut and a brat 

Then we came home an took a nap. 

Upon waking I got some orders together and then we went to meet a lady about my blends for her daughter and deliver some orders.  Then to out to get dinner. I just had a salad. 

I feel so good and am really enjoying life again. It feels good to feel good. 

Tomorrow we have my nephews birthday party. My house has been so neglected these past few weekends. Need to get on that soon. 


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