Day 110 and 111

Yesterday was a rough day and I didn’t get to post. It was busy day at work, I was exhausted from the weekend and I didn’t feel good. My stomach was upset. I think it may have been the ribs I ate on Sunday. They didn’t have sauce on them but something in the rub they used may have been the cause.

I have been frustrated since hitting 239 because I keep losing and gaining the same pound. Not giving up hope because I think I am still losing inches. 

Today and yesterday I had a pear for breakfast. I didn’t have any protein available to take for lunch today so I went to Schnucks and made a salad with egg for protein. My stomach was still uneasy today.  

For dinner we had applewurst we bought at Eckerts on Sunday. I was told when we bought them they were gluten free with no sugar. I later found out they have apple sauce in them with sugar. Didn’t want to waste them and this far along I don’t think a little sugar is going to make a big difference. We shall see. 

Extremely tired again today. I think being on the go all weekend is catching me. That or it’s this weather change. 

Can you believe it is the end of September?  Getting a little nervous about going into holiday season and moving on to next phase right before. It is going to take a lot of hard work and discipline to stay on course. I still have a lot more weight I want to lose. 

Sorry I missed you last night!  Will try to get back on track with blogging. I know my followers count on it. I had three more people contact me today asking about my success and doctor information. I think I should be her spokesperson. Lol 

Check out my business cards I made today! 

I also included a funny for you tonight. 

Night all


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