Day 109 A day out with mom 

wow what a non stop weekend it had been. Love this time of year with all the festivals and the cooler weather. 

For up and had an apple for breakfast. Then headed to pick up mom for her birthday day out. We took her to Highland Illinois and went to a vintage market fair. Just Craig her and myself.  We took our time a walked around looking at the booths. Then we headed to Eckerts coir plan was to eat there but wait was too long so we went into the store and got some honeycrisp apples. We also found some glutenfree Apple brats with no sugar. Found some sauces for me also that were no sugar, no gluten.  I was drooling over some of the bakery items. We then headed to 54 street grill for dinner. I had naked ribs, salad and grilled asparagus. We had a nice day together.

I ate all of my proteins and veggies at dinner since no lunch. Feel too full tonight since I ate it all at once. 


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