Day 106 

Thor woke me at 4am wimpering. Not sure if he was in pain or dreaming.  Horrible headache and still had an hour to sleep. Tried to but couldn’t fall back to sleep. 

Headed off to work… Today will be a two cup of coffee morning. 

Ate my apple and dug into my work. 

Lunch I had some summer sausage and a giant pickle.  Wasn’t hungry still had headache. I think it is sinuses but nothing is helping it. 

Craig was busy today and forgot to lay anything out for dinner so we chilled for a bit and then went to Ruby Tuesdays and Lowes to price plywood for his van.  

My new book came today.  Already started reading it. Lots of good information. 

For dinner I had shrimp, zucchini and salad bar. Craig finished my shrimp, I was full.  

Go back to doctor tomorrow night for follow up. 

Below is two separate photos compared to day one. The one in the yellow is today. The one in the green is last month. 


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