Day 105

Woke up late and forgot to weigh.  Headed to work hoping for a much better day than yesterday.

I had an apple for breakfast and then got busy. I stayed to myself today and avoided people as much as possible to make my day peaceful. I started my diffuser right away. I just wanted to work in peace and get thru the day. Success!!! It worked.

Lunch I had sauerkraut and sausage and then had to head back to the dmv since I forgot to add the transfer on death clause to the title.  That went smooth so I then headed to target. 

Finished the day and enjoyed the ride home. Windows open and radio playing.  For dinner we had burgers with tomatoes and pickles.

After dinner I did the kitchen cleanup, Thors butt compress (getting really tired of wiping his butt all the time) but it seems to be keeping his issue under control. Definitely worth the trouble to keep him out of surgery. He seems to enjoy it. Then I worked on getting more of my clothes that are too big organized to sell. 

Today I feel like I accomplished a lot. Now I am sitting here chilling with a heat wrap on my neck to loosen my neck muscles from stress and headache. 


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