Day 103  230’s have entered my life!

So excited. Woke up to the next set of ten. Weighed in at 239.0. Happy dance! 

Craig made me eggs for breakfast and I had half of a grapefruit. I then headed out to petco and grocery store.  Got caught up in the Arnold days parade route so I had to loop around and back track. Ugh

I had to switch my dog to gluten grain free food. Shopping for him seems almost as stressful as buying for me. I spent almost an hour reading labels of the dog food before deciding on which one to buy.  I truly believe food intolerances can effect any living creature. We switched him about a week ago and have seen a difference in him already. Problem was the morsels where to small for his big mouth. (He is a mastiff) so I had to find larger morsel brand. 

When I got home I had some celery and tomatoes since I already had my protein. 

I did some laundry and chores but stopped early. My back and hips hurt today. I am thinking maybe wearing heals all day yesterday is cause. Not something I am used to.  My chair gym finally arrived so I put that together today also. 

Dinner was uncured natural beef sausage and sauerkraut. Love sauerkraut! 

I like to sleep in leggings and my now oversized tshirts since I freeze at night. I got some new ones at Walmart today. Size 18/20. My 26/28 were way too big to even sleep in anymore. Feels great to be able to buy clothes from almost any store now. 

Back to work tomorrow. I really wish weekend were longer. 


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