Day 100!  Can you believe it?

So today is my 100th day in my journey. I am medicine free for four months, down 61.6 pounds and over 30 inches.  My fatigue has pretty much faded into the sunset as well as my pain. 

I had an apple for breakfast. 

For lunch I had a brat patty and grilled veggies.

We had to take Thor in for checkup tonight and got excellent news. Still have some work to do with him but we are making progress. 

We decided to take our new van out for a ride tonight and went out for dinner instead of cooking. We went Mexican and I just had the fajita skillet without tortillas and sour cream.  No beans or rice also. 

Now I need to do my nurse duties with dog and get ready for bed. 

Seems my holistic journey as well as his is working. So glad I have chosen to learn about natural healing for me and my family. 


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