Day 96 60 pound goal reached! 

Did the happy dance today!  60.8 pounds gone, over 30 inches and 3 clothes sizes. 

I think my emotional block has been broken. At least I hope. 230’s are just around the corner. 

We are making progress on my dogs condition, we are supposed to be getting a van tomorrow after work if it all works out and I am hoping to relieve some stress at work by just ignoring the problem and doing my job. 

I had fried eggs and grapefruit for breakfast and headed to goodwill for dog blankets and then to grocery store. 

When I got home I had some crackers and sausage for lunch. 

I finished my laundry and fell asleep in the couch. I just needed some chill time. 

Dinner we had meatloaf and peas. 

I was so scared to start this journey 96 days ago but so glad I kept with it. Not every day has been good or easy but it has definitely been worth it. Never under estimate the power you have within you to succeed. 

I got myself a reward today for reaching 60 pounds. A cute owl that will remind me my dad is walking with me on my journey and helping me along the way. 


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