Day 93 Doctors visit

Alarm goes off and I don’t want to listen. It can’t be time to do this all over again. 

Scale you annoy me. What’s your problem? Need a vacation? 

Had grapefruit for breakfast and was starving by lunch. Another busy stressful day. 

Lunch was yum. I had a salad with egg in it for my first protein. Went and parked somewhere to hide for an hour. 

I really could have used a snickers today but opted for an orange instead before heading to my doctors visit.

I wasn’t feeling up to even going. She could tell some things were weighing on me. We discussed the level of stress going on in my life right now and how the scale hasn’t moved in almost ten days. She said she felt I had an emotional block. She performed some relaxation techniques on me, adjusted my neck and addressed my Tmj that has been flaring up with the stress. She recommended the young living oil release to be used the next few days. I am out so will order right away. She took me off the thyroid drop and added an aloe pill for my bathroom issues. We opted for me to repeat phase one for the third round. She thinks if I release this stress and just let go I will start dropping again. I told her strawberries are starting to be gross this time of year and added pears to my fruit list.

Craig called and said due to storms we had no power. I stopped on way home to get qdoba. I got a bowl with lettuce, veggies, meat and pico 

Power came back on around 7:30. I feel pretty good right now. Took a hot bath with Epsom salt and diffused stress away.  Hoping to sleep good tonight. 

TGIF tomorrow. 

Night all. Praying scale starts to move again.  Soon!! 


2 thoughts on “Day 93 Doctors visit

  1. It WILL Donna … I am surprised you had not stalled before. It is quite common when losing so much weight. You have done super .. and it will all start up again soon. Love you.xx

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