Day 92 

Damn scale about went airborne this morning. I think it’s broken.  Been stuck for days. 

Fun drive to work in the pouring rain. 270 was flooded in parts up north. Made for an interesting drive 

Donuts appeared in my office again today. Dang it quit tempting me!!  Everyone threatened to break my fingers if I touched them. 

I had grapefruit and hard boiled eggs for breakfast and dug into the piles of work I have in my desk due to my assistant being on vacation. 

Lunch I had two cups mix veggies since I had my protein already. 

When I got back I was still hungry. This stress is making me crabby, craving sugar and hungry all the time. I ate my apple. 

When I got home still hungry so I had some pickles for a snack.

We had dinner plans with a friend and I just had chicken wings. 

Things need to start moving again soon. I go back to doctor tomorrow and have to make my decision to stay or move on.  I really want to be down another 20 pounds before moving on but I am getting extremely bored. 

Will let you all know what I decide after my appointment. 


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