Day 90 Three months going strong!

Happy Labor Day!  

Scale went wrong way today as suspected. Between not eating all my requires food, having a cocktail and maybe a bit more protein than allowed and bathroom issues I wasn’t surprised. No worries I will get it back. This last 3 pounds to 60 has been a struggle. 

I wasn’t too sad about scale because I got up and the shorts I put on fell to my knees. Lol 

I slept in a bit so I missed breakfast so I had left over brats and a salad for lunch. After cleaning house I had a warmed Apple with cinnamon. 

Craig worked outside so when we finished we chilled and then had dinner of kabobs and grilled veggies.

Sitting outside with him now while he smokes his cigar and then shower time, last fruit and bed before a crazy week. My assistant is on vacation all week. Blah!  Guess I get to deal with it all by myself. 

Have a great week! 


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