Day 89

Two parties today. 

Had strawberries for breakfast. Then headed to store to get a salad to take to first party

We dropped off our ribs and brats for him to smoke with my approved seasonings no barbecue sauce. I had meat and salad for lunch

We then had a 50th birthday party to go to at sybergs. I just had wings.  I didn’t get in all my veggies and fruit but I think I may have had more protein than I was supposed to. Will find out if this hurt me or not. I may be stalled a few more days. 

We then went back to first party. I skipped all the cake and goodies today but really wanted a drink. I had one vodka and water with my stevia water drops. 

Craig bought me a gift today. A chair gym. I am not allowed to do exercise on this protocol due to the amount of food I eat but I really want to start toning. My skin is getting loose and it’s starting to freak me out. I need to do something and can’t use any firming creams because they have oil in them. 

I found some cute new shoes on clearance today. I actually wore a pair of skorts today that looked like a mini skirt. It feels amazing to wear clothes like this again and not feel self conscience. I am not ashamed of my body as I used to be. It is only going to keep getting better. 

Hope you all are having a great relaxing weekend. 


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