Day 88 

No breakfast today.  Also no change in scale. Headed out to run a errands around 10:00. Just had coffee. Decided on way to stop and get pedicure. Why not?  

Ran first couple errands and started getting hungry. Stopped at qdoba a did a fajita bowl with pico de gallo, veggies and ground beef. 

Then on to more errands and grocery store. 

I ran into a friend at Ross dress for less. She said she came up behind me and wasn’t sure if it was me. Circled around to be sure.  Wasn’t for sure it was or not. 

I had another person reach out to me today telling me she lost some weight and I am inspiring her. It feels amazing to get these messages.  
When I got home it was the dreaded hauling groceries up the steps and prepping things for the refrigerator.  Ugh! 

Craig helped the neighbor next door so dinner was late. I started feeling light headed so I started dinner before he got back. We had grilled chicken breast and mixed grilled veggies.  I haven’t had any fruit so I also had applesauce. Stil need one more fruit tonight. 

Stopped by our vet today to update him on what I am doing with Thor holistically. He said it sounded like it was working and to keep going.  I am hoping prayers are being answered. 

The photo below made me laugh. Thought I would share. 


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