Day 85   I am back! 

Been a rough couple days around here with my sick pup. Very emotional but we are getting thru it. It is so hard making decisions and seeing him sick. 

The last few days I haven’t eaten very well. No way have I gotten in all my food. I haven’t cheated, just haven’t eaten all I was supposed to. 

Got up this morning to the scale being down a total of 56.8 pounds. I haven’t weighed in a few days with all going on. 

I had a protein shake for breakfast and a Wendy’s garden salad for lunch. 

Today was crazy with me being gone yesterday. My boss told me today I was wasting away and that he could really tell. 

I had an apple on my way home.

I was happy to see my pups when I got home. I have been researching holistic ways to heal him the last few days. Holistic is working for me so it’s worth a shot. I did the first application of essential oils tonight. I will do my best to keep him from having this barbaric surgery.  This is why I became certified in aromatherapy isn’t it? To help my family and friends. 

I got a surprise greeting card from s friend today in the mail telling me how strong I am. It was so sweet and really appreciated after the last few days. 

Craig made cod and peas for dinner. 

We have had three major stressors going on. Two of our prayers have been answered. Now we need the third to happen. I am staying positive and hoping for the best. 

Thor says hello and thank you for your prayers as he sticks his tongue out. Lol


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