Day 81 

Hard boiled eggs and an orange was breakfast choice. 

Headed out to meet someone that bought more of my clothes and then home to wait for Guy buying our tractor. 

Been a busy selling weekend. 

Lunch I just had some Melba toast and pico de gallo. 

I had headache from hell today and really wanted bad food. I didn’t do it because I refuse to sabatoge what I have done. 

Went to grocery store hungry but avoided all bad stuff. I have become a major label reader looking for all kinds of hidden sugar. Amazing some stuff that has sugar you would never suspect. 

Craig had dinner ready when I returned. We had my favorite. Taco salad! 

I am now eating my second fruit. Honey crisp apple. Love this time of year and honey Crisps 

Tomorrow Thor gets sedated so I am going into work late. Have to drop him off at 8. I will worry all day until I know he is ok. 


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