Day 80  60 pounds I am coming for you!

Happy dance Saturday!  Down again for a total of 55.6 

Had coffee and an apple for breakfast and headed out to Moscow Mills to look at a van. 

On way home we stopped at sybergs and I had 6 chicken wings and a pretty plain basic salad with my dressing. 

We have had calls all day on our suburban and John Deere tractor.  We had people scheduled all afternoon to come see suburban. First one to come bought it. Now we only have one car until we find a van. Makes me a bit nervous but should be fine. 

We had plans to go see another tonight but it fell thru so we decided to just stay home and have left overs. 

I ate the other six wings and a sliced tomato. Just hope the wing sauce twice in one day doesn’t effect me. It tasted so good. Had it on my grilled chicken last week and I did fine so we will see. Even if it sets me back a day or so I will recover. It wasn’t anything major. 

Going to try to get some laundry done tonight since I didn’t get anything done today with being gone. 


2 thoughts on “Day 80  60 pounds I am coming for you!

    1. Ok thanks peg. Appreciate it. Thor may have to just stay all day at dr earlys Monday. Lori said she may be able to take him in excursion to get him but if not he will have to wait until I get home. 😦


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