Day 77  ugh kinda day 

Slept with new machine last night. I don’t remember waking up but don’t feel like I slept. 

Scale was not my friend today. Up two pounds. I know the reason and trying to correct it. Not because I ate something I shouldn’t have but warning warning tmi coming. I am having bathroom issues for four days. No doubt the reason I have a gain. I am drinking my smooth move tea but nothing happening. Sorry told you tmi but just clarifying it’s not because of a cheat. I am miserable. 

I stopped taking large doses of vitamin d Monday as instructed. Since then I am tired and have pain back in my legs. I messaged her about it and she said it may just be my body readjusting to new dosage. Again I am miserable. Hard to function when so tired and hurting. I feel I am going backwards this week but it is just temporary.  I hope!

I am also a little stressed with work and my dog has issue we need to address at vet tomorrow night. Hoping it is going to be ok and just needs meds.  I hate when my babies are sick. 

I had strawberries and eggs for breakfast and tomatoes for lunch. 

Tonight for dinner we used our new air fryer/cooker and had brats and grilled veggies. 

I had my second fruit of an apple around 2:00 so I am finished for the day.  My boss tried to eat some of it and I had to be rude and say I couldn’t share. It’s all the food I get in a day. 

Now I am chilling with my boy Thor. I can tell he isn’t feeling himself either. 

Night all 


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