Day 75  Excellent test result day

Didn’t sleep well last night. Having problems with my Cpap machine since losing weight. Pressure to much.  Had to take it off and then didn’t sleep

Scale down today.  Total 53 pounds 

Went to work with one eye open.  Had strawberries for breakfast. 

Assistant called in sick so I was not only tired but very busy

My blood work came back and I was surprised at how much all my numbers had dropped.  I had appointment with holistic doctor tonight and she was very happy with progress. 

For lunch I had a salad with egg for my protein.  Since I had to go to doctor after work I ate my second fruit around 2:00 to hold me for dinner. 

I found out what the next step is in program. I wanted to see what was ahead of me. I am not ready to move on yet but probably soon. Doctor doesn’t think my body is ready yet either.  We are getting there though. 

Craig wasn’t home for dinner so I just had left over chicken and peas from last night.

Heading to bed early tonight hoping not to fight with Cpap. I pick up loaner machine tomorrow and it will monitor my settings for two weeks so they can reset mine. 


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