Day 74

Woke up with sinus headache and seemed like I had not slept well. 

No change in scale. Craig slept in so I sat quietly in living room drinking my coffee and chilling.  I made breakfast of an orange protein smoothie with unsweetened almond milk.  

When Craig got up he went with neighbor somewhere and I went to goodwill and grocery store.

Didn’t get back until 4:00 and had not had lunch so I had some pico de gallo with Melba toast to hold me over until dinner. 

Still had headache and thought about napping but other neighbor called me over to notarized some items and spent some time with them. 

When Craig got home we had grilled chicken breast and green beans. 

I still need a fruit tonight but I am tired, need shower and it’s already 9:00. 

I feel like I have a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders. I guess it’s a case of Monday approaching. Hoping to have my test results tomorrow before I go see holistic doctor.  I am going to discuss moving on to phase two with her tomorrow and decide if I am ready. I know I am ready for a change in food just not sure I am ready physically and mentally. Depends on what is involved in next phase. 

Stay tuned! 


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