Day 73  The day I went over 50#

Today was a very exciting milestone day for me. I had waited all week to hit 50 pounds lost. It just wasn’t happening. Today I hit 52 pounds in 73 days. I couldn’t be happier. 

I had eggs and strawberries for breakfast as I waited for a few people to come by to buy my clothes. Only one showed up. 

I then got busy cleaning my much neglected house. Didn’t get anything done last weekend because we spent the entire weekend redoing my closet. I got so much done. I haven’t been able to clean my whole house in one day for a long time feeling so bad. I got everything I wanted done today completed. I mopped, vacuumed, did the bathrooms and even straightened some things out. Tomorrow is laundry and grocery  day.  

I didn’t stop to eat lunch which I know is bad but if I would have stopped I wouldn’t have started back up again. 

Craig worked outside and in garage all day. When he finished, we showered and headed out to get dog food and dinner 

By this time I was hungry and had a headache. We went to 54th street grill. I got the shrimp fajitas no cheese or tortillas. They were yummy and I am full 

Craig has been eating pretty much the same food as me but larger portions and has cut out all sugar. As of today he is down 20 pounds and two pant sizes. 

It makes me happy we are both getting our health back.  

Thanks for all your support and encouragement!  You have helped make this happen.  

240’s here I come!






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