Day 72  What a week!

TGIF for sure! It’s been the week from hell. So glad it’s over 

Scale went up this morning instead of down the four ounces I was hoping for. Oh well it will happen. I think stress played a big part this week on fluctuation. 

Had strawberries and hard boiled eggs for breakfast 

Boss was gone all day so it was pretty peaceful and I got a lot done.

Lunch I struggled to get my cucumber onion salad down. Just wasn’t hungry. 

Came home and showered and went to dinner with Ashley. I had steak pieces, salad and broccoli. The plate of pasta con Broccoli Ashley had looked soooooo good. I do miss my pasta. 

Now I am sitting chilling and having some hot tea. 

I didn’t get my blood work back today so hopefully I get results Monday. My regular doctor ran them and I go see the holistic doctor Monday afternoon. 

Have a great weekend! 


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