Day 71 Blood work day

Scale got yelled at today. 4 ounces away from 50 pounds!  Quit taunting me!  Lol

Headed out in pants that felt a little big but I thought no problem but it ended up being a problem as I continued to yank them up all day.  Guess those are going in for sale pile after laundry this weekend.  Sold several items last night and tonight.

I had to fast and have blood drawn this morning. Anxious to get results to see how much my numbers have changed since May. 

I won’t tell you what I had for breakfast afterwards because you already know. 

Another stressful day with crabby pants at work. Thank God tomorrow is Friday. 

Lunch I headed out after making my protein shake and putting it in my lunch box.  Well I thought that was what I was having for lunch until I opened my bag in the car and found out lid wasn’t all the way on and about two inches of protein shake was in bottom of the bag!  Nice now what?  I went to Jimmy Johns and ordered a club lulu minus the bacon, mayo and cheese and made into an unwich.  Well that didn’t go well either. It had those things off of it but it had cheese and ham with the turkey and tomato. I pulled off the Ham and cheese leaving me one piece of turkey with tomato and lettuce. No way was it 4 ounces of protein. Oh well lunch just wasn’t meant to be today.

Dropped off aromatherapy orders on the way home and then another friend came over to buy clothes. 

For dinner we had salad and shrimp  

Cleaned out frig, did dishes, visited with neighbor and now chill time before bed. 

Pictures of jars below:  first one is in July of how many pounds to lose and how many gone. Second is same but as of today. I love this visual. 

If the photo below is really what five pounds of fat looks like I have lost 10 of those! 


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