Day 70 Worn out!

Scale is down. 49#

Stressed to the max today at work. I hate days like this because my entire body hurts. 

I had strawberries for breakfast again. 

By lunch time my emails had blown up with aromatherapy orders. Awesome! Going to be busy tonight 

Lunch I couldn’t get out of the office fast enough. I had two mini sliders and cucumbers. They were awful becaue after nuking them they were almost like hockey pucks.  Relieved some stress and went to target 

I got home from work and had someone coming over to buy some of my clothes. Bitter sweet day. Getting rid of some of the old Donna 

We then had chicken and peas for dinner. Craig helped me prepare my orders  

Tomorrow morning I go for blood work. I am excited to see where my numbers are. 

For now I am exhausted and going to bed very soon.  Hoping to hit 50 pounds tomorrow! 


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