Day 69 

Slept well. Made sure if it by using my oils. I needed a good nights sleep.  Scale down for a total of 48.2 pounds. 50 pounds is making me wait this week. Lol

I had my usual strawberries for breakfast. Those will stop soon because they are starting to get bad in store. End of season approaching. 

Lunch I went to Schnucks and made a small salad. I needed protein so I got some chicken strips from the deli. They had breading and I pulled that off. I did get some of it in me but tried avoiding as much as possible.  Apparently the little I had didn’t agree with me because around 1:30 the bottom dropped out, I was exhausted and didn’t feel good. Just another sign that I am going to end up gluten intolerant. 

Left work a little early to go pick up suburban that has been in shop for a week. I luckily beat the storm.  I was exhausted and fell asleep when I got home.

For dinner we had mini sliders, tomatoes and pickles. 

You guys never hear about my second fruit because I usually do it after my blog. Last night I used my new mixer and made a smoothie with an orange, unsweetened almond milk, ice, Valencia orange stevia drops, and vanilla cream stevia drops. I made it real thick and ate it with a spoon like icecream. Yum! 

Can’t believe tomorrow is day 70 of eating like this. 

Come on 50 pounds I am waiting for you! 


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