Day 68 Stressed to the max!

So tired this Monday morning. Wasn’t feeling it when heading into work. Day was very stressful. So much so that I took one of my emergency anxiety pills. I haven’t taken anything in 3 months but it was a heart racing, bad day. It made me even more tired since I don’t take them anymore. 

I had strawberries for breakfast. 

Lunch I brought a salad but couldn’t finish it. As a thank you to Craig for all his support and encouragement and helping me with my closet I got him some shirts on clearance from kohls. He was very surprised.  He has lost almost 20 pounds and his shirts are also getting to big. 

Traffic sucked and continues to be a stress on my day. I came home and chilled and then we had dinner. Craig made pulled pork. I made a taco salad with it.

Sasha started her crap again tonight. I don’t know if she picks up on my stress or what but she fights with Thor. She is in time out in the bedroom. She can be a sweet Rottie most of the time but some days omg!  So stubborn 

I am headed for some me time in a nice hot bath!  Tomorrow is another day. 

Holding at 48 pounds 


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