Day 67  I am ready for you 5o#’s

Craig made me eggs for breakfast. I also had an orange.  Scale down again and 50 pounds is so very close. It’s going to happen this week I know it!  

Headed to Walmart to get friend a gift and my new shoe racks for my newly made over closet. When I got home I had a snack of Melba toast and pico de gallo. We are going to red lobster for dinner tonight for friends birthday so I didn’t eat my full two cups of veggies at lunch. 

After I ate I finished putting my stuff away in my closet. It is finally done and I love it! 

Met friends at 6:00 for dinner. They were very complimenting on my new appearance. She had seen me a few weeks ago but he hasn’t since I started program.  I had crab legs no butter, salad with my dressing and broccoli and green beans. I brought her birthday dessert but I didn’t have any. 

Now back home chilling before a busy work week. Stay tuned for the next milestone to hit this week!  Excited and proud! 


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