Day 65  46# your out of here!

The scale moved again!!  Down 46 pounds. I am getting so close to 50 pounds. I am so proud of myself for sticking to this and making this happen. 

I had strawberries for breakfast and got busy on the day ahead. Boss back after being gone 3 days. I had a little anxiety stress issues going on today because a lot going on at work and personal life.  I used some essential oils today to help with that. 

Lunch I decided to go try chipotle. I had a salad with steak, peppers, onions and poco de gallo. It was filling and good. 

I have a nothing positive thing happening. As my thyroid is getting better I am starting to see eyebrow regrowth. I am so happy about this. If you have followed from the beginning you will remember that right before diagnoses of Hashimotos I lost half of my eyebrows. It’s a thyroid thing. 

I got home from work and took a short nap. Stress is making my legs and hips hurt. So weird how this illness shows its face when stress is in the picture. 

Got up, showered and we went out to eat. I had chicken wings and asparagus. 

We went to see my sisters after. I wanted to see Dylan’s new room make over. They have not seen me since the first week I started this. They could really tell. Jay kidded Craig and asked who the chick was that was with him. Craig responded “it’s my hot new mama”. lol

Now home chilling. Tomorrow I plan on gutting my closet and doing a makeover. Craig is going to hang me some new wire racks and rods. I need to get organized and purge.

I noticed tonight that my blog dates are off by one day. Not sure how that happened but it says Aug 15 day 65 but it is really day 65 August 14


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