Day 64

Today I wore heels for the first time in years. I only made it half day in them but it’s a start. With my knees and weight I use wasn’t able to wear them anymore. I used to wear them daily when younger which is what I believe made my calfs the muscle they are.  I had several comments today because it is out of the ordinary. 

Scale down a few ounces.  Headed in to work and had my strawberries. My boss brought in donuts for the office and brought me raspberries. I think that was awesome he thought to do something for me since he knows I won’t and can’t eat the donuts. I already had my fruit so I put them in fridge for tomorrow.

Lunch I brought something but didn’t want it so I went to Schnucks and made a salad. I added egg for my protein. It was a large salad but I didn’t eat all of it. 

Since losing weight I seem to be cold a lot. I am not a person who is usually cold and will ask doctor about it next week. I guess I have lost some insulation. Lol 

We had to go to Festus tonight so we went to bob Evans for dinner. Oh how I would have loved some biscuits and gravy!  But I chose grilled chicken, broccoli and salad with my dressing. I am starting to hate broccoli.  I would like it again if I could have cheese on it but I know that can’t happen.  

I go back to doctor the 24th and seriously thinking about moving on to phase two. Next week I will decide for sure. I am getting bored with my options. I don’t want to get so bored that I stray off plan. I wanted to be down at least 50-60 pounds before moving on but we shall see. 

I haven’t thanked you all in awhile but I really appreciate the private messages and comments and likes you make. You guys keep me going.  I know your all watching and rooting me on. 


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