Day 60! The day Hashimoto’s tried to take over!

Woke up after only a few hours a sleep. Feel terrible, sore throat, headache and pain. I went to bed feeling pretty stressed and woke up feeling even worse.

Scale down to 258.6 but I feel ten pounds heavier. Ugh 

Didn’t care much about what I was going to wear today and just grabbed the first thing I saw and headed out with hair in pony tail and no makeup. First day like this in awhile. 

Felt brain fogged all day and just miserable with headache and leg pain. I guess Mr Hashimoto’s had to remind me he was still in there. I get it! No stress allowed or you rear your ugly head.

Got to work and had sausage for breakfast and unsweetened applesauce. 

Lunch I headed out to eat my salad and forgot my dressing in my desk. Tried eating it dry and said screw it. Didn’t care anyway.  Was planning on eating it when I got back but that didn’t happen. 

Got home and went straight to be for a nap. Felt like death.  

For dinner we had taco salad.  I still have a fruit to eat and technically two cups veggies but right now all I want to do is curl up on the couch with a blanket. I am cold for some reason.  

Hoping for a better day tomorrow.  Could have very easily cheated bad today. But I didn’t!   Maybe Epsom salt bath is in order!





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