Day 59  250’s have entered the building! 

Almost 60 days strong!  Got up, showered and stepped on the scale. OMG! I hit the 250’s. I would have yelled with excitement but Craig was still sleeping. 

I headed out to run my errands and didn’t eat. Figured I would just get done and eat when I got home. Wasn’t hungry anyway. 

When I got home I had sauerkraut and beef dogs. I then went thru more of my clothes that are way too big. I have a laundry basket toppling over of pants so far. Did some laundry and some other household chores. 

For dinner we had gluten free meatballs with aldi marina sauce and salad. I need to eat two fruits still. May do a mix smoothie. 

I was stressed today because our suburban has a major issue. Funny how my body reacts when stressed. I have had headache and leg pain most of the day.  This is why I have to keep my stress low. Doctor said my body will respond like this.  Some days it’s just not easy to avoid stress but I try.


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