Day 58

Early morning, got up and headed to St Charles to get a birthday present for friends birthday get together later in day.  Had half of grapefruit before we left. 

Scale down to 261.0 and today marks 3 months since I stopped taking all anxiety medication and blood pressure medication. 

On way back from St Charles we stopped for lunch at Ruby Tuesdays. I had salad bar, burger patty and only ate half and green beans. Lady asked me if I was on gluten free diet. I told her what I was doing and she too had thyroid issues and was interested in doctors name. I also talked to her about my oils for her anxiety. 

Off to party and had chicken and small section of sausage, green beans, grilled onions, peppers and zucchini 

The humidity  was terrible sitting outside for awhile. Came home and ended up taking a three hour nap. Have no idea why I was so tired but I guess I needed it. 

Having my orange now as I type. 

Another new shirt on today!


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