Day 55 Down 40 pounds and another crazy night ! 

Woke up very tired. Knee was hurting and Vicodin was making me itch. Between that and the storm and power going out killing my Cpap I didn’t get much sleep. 

Was so happy with the scale today. I hit 40 pounds in 55 days. I go to doctor tonight and she is going to be so happy. 

Wore another new outfit today and got lots of compliments. 

Headed to work and had strawberries and hard boiled eggs. 

Lunch I had two cups leftover veggies from last night.  Only took short lunch since I had to go to doctor. 

Arrived at doctors. When she saw me she said OMG how much weight have you lost?  When I told her she said I am losing an incredible amount of weight in a short time and was very happy. My urine tests are reading like they should but the muscle testing is saying my thyroid is still unhappy. She plans on doing more labs next visit to make sure numbers are changing. Other than that I got an A+ and was told to keep doing what I am doing. 

Came home and had dinner of pork chops and veggies. I was almost finished when I realized I forgot to take photo. 

Went outside for a little bit and then was getting ready to get my things together and a shower.  I headed down the dark hall to be surprised with a dog mess between my bare toes. Gag!!! Thanks Thor!  So we just finished cleaning the carpet. The last two nights have not been great around here. Tomorrow better be calmer!! 

I am now going to try to eat my second fruit, get my lunch ready, shower and get clothes together. Night all!!  250’s here I come. 


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