Day 53  My 19th wedding anniversary 

Happy Monday!  It’s going to be a busy one for me with Nicole and Katy gone but it will go by fast. 

No change on the scale but it’s hormone week so I am not expecting much this week.

Put on another new outfit today and headed to work.  When I got there I had eggs and strawberries. My other boss has not said anything yet about my weight loss. Today he did. He said he forgot to mention that he saw me walk to my car Friday from his office window and noticed I had lost and wanted to say something but got distracted. 

Lunch I had a sliced tomato. Wasn’t real hungry today. 

I had two people contact me privately telling me how good I am doing and how good I looking. They said I am inspiring them to take back their health. It feels good to hear that I am helping others by posting my journey for the world to see. 

Ended up in a late meeting and didn’t get out of there until a little after 4:oo. I know I was busy because at 2:00 my fitbit registered over 9000 steps and I never get that many steps at work. 

Came home to flowers and new walking shoes for my anniversary present. Craig was tired from cutting grass and didn’t feel like cooking so we went to Panchos in Crystal City. I order the shrimp and steak fajita platter, no beans, rice, tortillas or sour cream. Just the pico de gallo. I weighed out four ounces of the meat and I took some of my crackers to dip in the salsa. I ended up with about half the platter left for lunch tomorrow. 

When we got home I showered and tried on which outfit I will wear tomorrow. It is actually fun figuring it out now.  Just need to find shoes!! The ones I wore today hurt my knee and hip. 


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