Day 52    40 pounds is knocking on the door! 

Wow! Almost 40 pounds gone! Scale registered today for total loss of 39.8 pounds lost. Amazed everyday how well this is working. 

Craig made me eggs and grapefruit for breakfast. I had a bridal shower to attend today so I get to wear one of my new outfits. I posted my photo on facebook and got 62 likes. I guess it’s really starting to show.  

I didn’t eat lunch and wasn’t sure what they would have at the shower. Unfortunately there wasn’t anything I could eat. It started getting late in the day and I started feeling kinda weird.  I then realized they had strawberries dipped in dark chocolate. My friend wendy said the chocolate dip popped right off. So she got me 8 of them and I just popped off the chocolate, wiped them off with napkin and ate the strawberries.  At least it was something. 

When I got home I ate a tomato cut up to hold me until dinner. 

Dinner we had burger patties, sliced tomato and pickles. 

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day since over half the office is on vacation.  Just picked out my outfit to wear to work tomorrow. Getting dressed is a lot of fun again. Just wish I could find comfortable shoes. Today I wore heels for the first time in forever. The heel didn’t bother me, the scrunched toes did. 


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