Day 51  Fun day with hubby

Started the day down to 263.6. Vodka didn’t hurt me last night. Yeah 39.3 pounds gone in 51 days. 

Had only an orange for breakfast and planned on no lunch since we were going out to dinner for our anniversary later. 

Went shopping for new clothes today. Shopped at a store I have never shopped at before.  Torrid!  I am in love!  My checkbook isn’t but I am. I had two personal shoppers. The girl at the store and my hubby. It was so much fun. They just kept bringing me things to try on. I felt like Julia Roberts in the movie pretty woman. All the clothes were two sizes smaller. They will work as I continue I lose more weight, just fit even better. 

We walked the mall and got Craig a few things too since he is down almost 20 pounds too  

We then headed to eat dinner. I was hungry by now with only eating an orange today. We went to peacemakers lobster and crab. I have never been served an entire crab before. It was a lot of work but very good. I couldn’t have the potatoes and corn so I asked if I could just have some sautéed onions and peppers. They accommodated. It was good. Craig got shrimp boil, oysters and lemon meringue pie. Looked very good but didn’t even sample a bite. 

Now home, unpacked my clothes and chilling with the hubby. 

Everyday I feel better, feel more confident and love the way I am feeling in my own skin. My husband is so supportive and encouraging to me.  Life is good! 


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