Day 50   Awesome day! 

Woke up on a positive note after yesterday. Got on the scale and I was down from 267 to 264.8. Finally the scale moved!  

I am feeling more and more comfortable in my own skin daily. I wore a shirt out of my closet today that hasn’t seen the outside of my closet for a good three years or so. 

I had sausage for breakfast and got busy with my month end procedures  

Lunch I brought cucumbers however they had turned bad so I asked my boss to bring me back a salad. Unfortunately he didn’t come back until 2:45 and he forgot it.  I had an orange with me so I ate that. 

I had to stop by Frankies tonight on the way home to drop off an order. When I walked in three guys I know that haven’t seen me in a very long time totally freaked out when they saw me and told me how good I looked. It really does feel good that people are noticing and it gives me more incentive to keep pushing on.

When I got home the dress Craig bought for me to wear to a wedding in September came in the mail. I have to send it back. Not because it’s too small like normal, it’s too big!!! What a feeling that is. 

We went to Frankies for dinner. When we got there Tiffany and Greg were standing by the kitchen. I waved and Greg looked down at is and had weird look on his face. Tiffany said “doesn’t she look good?  He asked her who was that?  He didn’t recognize me!  When he found out he came down and hugged me and told me great job.  Wow didn’t even recognize me!   I just can’t get used to all this.  I had beef tips, salad and asparagus.  We then headed to Scotties for a 21st bday party and hung out with the Frankies crew like the old days. It was a blast listening to music and hanging out. I splurged and had a vodka and water with flavored drops.  A celebration of 50 days, 38 pounds, feeling great, her birthday and our anniversary weekend. I just hope it doesn’t stall me. Tasted really good. 

I love the way I feel wearing clothes that are  smaller and having my makeup done and hair. 

Oh and a stranger on my support group messages me today saying I am inspiring her! 


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