Day 49  Wasn’t going to post today 

So I posted no blog today but after speaking with a good friend she encouraged me to do my blog. Today has been a rough life day.  

Very easily I could have fallen off the wagon today. I just was done!  Not diet related, but life related.  Just an all around bad day and not feeling good to boot. 

I got up feeling great, scale was down to 267.2 put on a new outfit and headed out the door. 

I had eggs and and orange for breakfast. This filled me up. 

Lunch I struggled to get my salad down. I really need my bathroom issues to resolve. I can’t keep eating if it’s not going to get out of there.  Called doctor for recommendation. 

After lunch my day went straight to hell. Car problems, work problems, personal problems.  I was just done at this point.  I wanted to cheat so bad and just eat chocolate or something.  My anxiety without meds was at an all time high. I got home showered and went to sleep.  I didn’t get up until 7:45. I didn’t feel like eating at this point and just did a protein shake. I am short two cups veggies and a fruit but just don’t feel like eating. 

I was chatting with a long time friend and told her how bad today was and that I wasn’t blogging. She reminded me how far I have come, how great my photos show my progress, and that we all have bad days. She encouraged me to do my blog even though it isn’t upbeat and I didn’t get all my food in. Thank you Vicki!  Tomorrow will be better! 

Some days are just so hard being off anxiety meds and trying to maintain that without slipping . After all I had been on it for 8 years.  

I Will mark today on the calendar as the day I beat the things that have controlled me for along time. Food and meds. This is the new me and even when I have rough days I will beat them!  

Thanks I got this!!


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