Day 48 

Happy Hump Day!  Got up tired this morning. Craig didn’t sleep well and was already up. Not sure if that’s what disturbed my sleep or not,  but I was drained.  May be this heat we are having.  Was planning on dressing up a little today with my new clothes but just wasn’t feeling it this morning and it was already very hot at 5:30. Capris and Sandals is what they got. 

Last day before boss comes back from vacation!  So I thought. He decided to come back early. Ugh! 

Had my strawberries for breakfast and started tackling what became a very challenging day with lots of problems at work. Some days I just don’t know about this career of mine.  Is it time to retire yet?  

Lunch I headed out to my favorite parking “hiding” spot for an hour. Cranked the air conditioner, put on my shades and chilled after having my dry tuna with lettuce and slices of tomatoe.

Was out in the warehouse today. Overheard one of the guys tell another “Donna is looking good”!  I pretended I didn’t hear and chuckled to myself.  This is fun!  

Got call from Craig mid afternoon that suburban brakes were going to the floor while he was in south county. He drove it home and then called me. Lovely! 

Called repair shop who said they think it’s master cylinder and power booster. $600.00! Nice don’t need that expense right now or ever!  Oh well it has to be done so dropped it off tonight for repair! 

Came home and had steaks, peas and cucumbers for dinner.  

Scale was down to 267.4 today. 

Looking forward to cooler weather tomorrow and this week to be over and on to the weekend.  Anniversary is Monday so we were planning on doing something Saturday. Maybe, that was before car repair. 

Night for now! 


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